Major Gift Programs

Every community has different needs. Some rely on direct mail efforts, capital campaigns, annual appeals or ongoing pledge support to meet their financial requirements. Other organizations must rely in whole, or in part, on Major Gift Programs to sustain their operating budget.

A Major Gift Program can be an effective, less burdensome and highly lucrative method of attracting support. We can help your organization plan, organize and execute a cost-effective Major Gift Program to meet your organization’s needs. As your fundraising partner Legacy can help you:

* Define organizational strengths and appeal
* Create visually and intellectually pleasing information and educational materials
* Identify potential major gift donors
* Conduct extensive candidate background research
* Create a cultivation plan for major gift candidates
* Train staff and volunteers for major gift visits and appeals
* Provide both periodic and ongoing support and counsel

Legacy’s professionals can design an innovative and creative customized program for your organization in a minimal amount of time. While benefits from Major Gift Programs usually take a little longer to realize than other types of campaigns, the returns can be far greater. Legacy can work with you to integrate a Major Gift Program into your integrated stewardship strategy to help your organization achieve its fundraising goals!