Annual Appeals

Organizations that depend on ongoing support often find it beneficial - in terms of resources, effort and donor relations to conduct Annual Appeals in order to meet their financial needs. Whether the Annual Appeal is your main fundraising tool, or part of your integrated stewardship strategy, Legacy can help you maximize your funding potential. We can design an Annual Appeal from inception to completion, or assist you in increasing the effectiveness and return of your current appeal.

Annual Appeals rely upon a clear, concise and effective message to a large potential donor audience. Crafting an effective message with strong appeal is one of the hallmarks of a Legacy fundraising effort.

Legacy understands that stewardship is not simply a matter of giving to an organization, but also being a good steward to those who give. We can work with your organization to custom design or redesign its Annual Appeal message to be more effective - increasing donor confidence - and help you enhance your donations and level of donor satisfaction!