Organizational Development

When organizations recognize a need to increase their effectiveness or expand their capabilities, they are often so involved in ongoing administration that it is difficult to effect real and innovative change.

Legacy is skilled in designing and implementing Organizational Development for small and large organizations. Our hands-on approach can reduce the inherent risk in any planned transition, as well as the emotional and practical stresses on those affected by change. Our goal is to help you develop and create your own vision and plan for change. We are sensitive to personal and administrative considerations arising from Organizational Development and change. More than helping you make the transition an easier and less costly one, Legacy can help you make it successful! We are associated with other fundraising professionals and Navigator Financial Services, an Edmonton based financial services organization that offers Planned Giving Seminars based on Christian Principals.

Navigator Financial is a leader in the presentation of financial seminars that cover a wide range of important topics. One of the unique features of our company is the development of a series of seminars known as “Christian Financial Seminars” (CFS). The Christian Estate Planning Seminar, our flagship presentation, is also available on a secular basis.