Planned Giving/Legacy of Faith

Legacy can move your planned giving program from theory to practice! We are experienced in designing Planned Giving materials that are informative and inviting - a critical first step in implementing a program within your fund raising strategy.

Philanthropic intent and the understanding that giving is an exchange of values drive our work. A recent survey indicates that over half of all church-going Canadians would consider a Planned Gift to their community. Legacy can help you design a personalized program to bring those considerations to gifts. Our professionals can help conduct education seminars and create informative materials highlighting the tax advantages of Planned Giving. For example, a Planned Gift (what we choose to call Leaving a Legacy of Faith) can actually allow a person to fulfill their philanthropic goals while passing on more of their estate to loved ones by taking advantage of the tax benefits that recognize Planned Gifts to charitable organizations.

Legacy understands that some supporters would like to give more generously to their community but economic circumstances may be a barrier. Because of this our Legacy of Faith programs can be a wonderful alternative, allowing people to donate generously without placing themselves in financial uncertainty.