Stewardship Programs

Legacy recognizes that an organization’s ability to plan and conduct day-to-day operations generally depends on ongoing stewardship. Capital campaigns, special appeals and other fund raising activities, on the other hand, are often necessary to meet immediate financial needs.

Our professionals are able to clearly assess your current and planned efforts, make timely and constructive recommendations to stimulate greater response and, if necessary, help you redesign your program to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Our partnership often begins with an assessment of your current stewardship activities through a Development Study. We also recognize that our work begins with an understanding of your organization’s culture and community. Only after we have sufficiently assessed your organization’s history, potential, ability and commitment, can we begin to work with you in designing a program that makes sense for your particular group

We also review your organization’s history of special appeals and fund raising activities so that we can fully assess your organization’s fund raising potential. We will design an integrated stewardship strategy that will help your organization be more successful in its fund raising program while increasing donor satisfaction in your support community. Legacy’s ability to help strengthen your stewardship program and plan for the future, while maintaining the individual character and values of your organization is the cornerstone of our work.

Our services include assisting with volunteer identification, selection, recruitment and training. Legacy will help your volunteers implement a personalized stewardship plan through good planning, training and on-site assistance.

Our services are designed to help your organization become more autonomous in its fund raising efforts - and over time - rely less and less on external, costly assistance. Call us today to learn more!